Monday, July 28, 2008

Aiden's First Birthday!

Starting out- getting the feel.

A little messy...

A little more messy...

A lot messy...


The Radio Flyer Retro Rocket.

This is Aiden's cake (not sure why the picture is rotated, sorry...)

This is the cake I made for everyone at the party!

Oh boy did we have a great time! Aiden had a monkey birthday party for his first birthday and we had a ball. The weekend was pretty exciting. I started on Thursday after work and didn't stop until Saturday night after the party was over. I made two monkey cakes- one for Aiden to eat and play in and one for everyone else. Watching Aiden eat his cake was hysterical. He wasn't sure what to do at first but once he tasted that frosting he was in it and eating it like crazy. About 5 minutes into it he got an itch on his face and rubbed frosting all over. Uncle Cam got involved and helped him out a little. I think he might of enjoyed it a little more than Aiden but who knows. He got some fun toys- mostly stuff that moves. Jesse and I got him the radio flyer rocket. He's not sure what that is about just yet but I am sure he will figure that one out too.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Guess What this is!

If you can guess what this is- you win a prize!

This post is for Tracy, may you find a smile on your face.

Settler's of Catan

A picture of the game, this is mostly for Blake
so that he can feel nostalgic.

Cam reading the rules.

So the story goes; Telisse brought Settlers of Catan to our house over Christmas break and none of us really wanted to play, however, Telisse talked us into it and we all ended up playing this game the entire time we were in Price. Since then it has seriously been a weekly thing. We started out with just the Settlers of Catan and expanded to Seafarers and then to Cities and Knights. This past month a new expansion came out called Traders and Barbarians ( I know you are really jealous, huh Blake?) So we tested it out this past weekend and loved it. We sit around the table making jokes about ourselves and how we are nerds because we like this game so much. In fact, I get teased at work all of the time because we play this game so much. Tracy always jokes that she is going to make t-shirts with silly sayings on them. (ro-add, got any sheep?) I know you are thinking- oh yes, they are a bunch of nerds. That is okay, we have accepted it. We will never stop playing. Love ya Blaker- we miss the brutal competitiveness in you.

Dad's BBQ

Cody, Ashley, and Spencer

Aiden on top of his box! All mine!

Aiden and Spencer. Wonder what Aiden is thinking?
He does not look too happy.

This past weekend we spent the weekend in Price. We were happy to spend some time with my dad, Roberta, Cody, Ashley, Spencer, Jacob and Rachel. We had dinner, played some "A" train dominos (Blake knows what that means) and celebrated Jacob's 17th birthday. Aiden also got a few birthday presents which was fun for him and also got to play with his cousin Spencer. I must say though, that there was a little bit of rivalry going on. Kinda funny. Aiden was playing with his new toy and Spencer wanted to join in on the fun. Aiden didn't like the idea so he climbed up on top of the box and sat there. I think he was marking his territory or something like that.


To me, this picture is perfect. Not just because
Aiden is in it but because it captures the moment
just the way it was. Jesse actually took

I do not know what this face is about but every
time I look at it, it makes me giggle.

Me and Aiden- went down the slide together.

On a hot summer evening we took a walk to the nearest elementary school where they have a fun playground for Aiden to play on. We usually go to the Layton park but it is always crowded. We had a blast taking Aiden down the twirly slide and we even tried having him go down the little kid slide by himself. Like most things in life, he wasn't too sure about it the first time around, however, once he did it a few times he loved it. I just love these pictures of him.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Cake

For Tracy's birthday I wanted to do something nice. So, I decided that I would bake her a cake and decorate it nice. I bought all the fancy tools one needs to decorate a cake nice and started Saturday morning... I finished it two hours later. Who would have thought that decorating a cake would be so daunting. I had frosting and food die (food coloring is not the proper term) all over my hands, arms, and all down the front of my shirt. The temperature in the house wasn't exactly freezing so in the middle of the frosting fiasco the sides started to slide down to the bottom. If anyone knows me, they would know that this is not okay, BUT I didn't have a choice, it had to stay that way. Tracy loved the cake (the decorations and eating it too!). Happy Birthday to Tracy!

Summer Fun!

On Saturday afternoon, we had nothing to do but enjoy our new backyard. We bought Aiden a kiddie swimming pool and I was excited to test it out. Jesse almost had a hernia blowing the thing up but he got it done and filled with water. Aiden got his swim trunks on and didn't know what he was in for. I got him in the pool without any screaming, crying or grabbing for my hair and I finally settled into the lounge chair to enjoy the sun when...Aiden started screaming. When I looked over he was crying and grabbing his stomach. When I looked closer there was a black ant crawling up his torso. I brushed it off and examined the damage. I felt so bad when I discovered that the thing had bit him three times. Luckily, he got over it quickly and enjoyed the rest of the time outside.

4th of July

Aiden is very concerned.
Watching the fireworks.
Aiden and Jesse
Like all Holidays this past year, this was Aiden's first 4th of July. We decided it would be fun to get a couple of our own fireworks and test it out to see how he would like it. I think the pictures say it all. He did not like the ones that made noise and he wasn't too sure about the others either. He held on to Jesse so tight and would not let go. We had a good time watching him react.