Saturday, January 3, 2009

Snow fun

Grandma and Aiden

Aiden did not like the snow or his coat or his boots.

Mom and Aiden- before the snow.

Putting the snow pants on. Way too much work.

One of the things that Aiden got for Christmas this year was snow clothes. I was so excited to get him all dressed up and take him out in the snow. The task wasn't easy and Aiden did not go quietly. It took me 15 minutes just to get him into the snow pants and another 30 to get his boots on- okay maybe not that long but it seemed like it. So we finally get him outside and he is throwing a fit. I put him in the snow and he went stiff as a board. His face fell right into the snow and that made the situation even worse. My mom took his coat off- because who knows what was bothering him and walked him around the yard. It was fun to get some pictures even though Aiden didn't really enjoy it.

Christmas 2008!

Uncle Cam's head is way too big for that hat!

Aiden on the rocking horse that Grandpa made.

Butler Family: Blake, Cam, Jake,
Ashley, Cody Jesse, Aiden, Roberta, Larry
and Amanda

Aiden eating breakfast- what a cheese.

The Fam-Jesse, Ellis, Blake, Amanda, Aiden, Cindi and Cam

Aiden with his toys from Blake and Anna
he loves them!

Ellis Christmas morning.

Aiden and Jesse opening presents!

Aiden and Grandma waking up Christmas morning.

For Christmas this year my brother Blake flew in from Germany and we got to spend some time with him over the Christmas holiday. We had a great time in Price playing games, eating good food and spending time with family. This was Aiden's second Christmas and I think still, he is a little too young to understand what was going on but he did have fun playing with all of this presents. We are thankful for all of the wonderful things that we got this year. Jesse and I got a new kitchen table with matching chairs (yes, this was exciting for us). Aiden got toys, toys and more toys, but the highlights were a portable DVD player to watch Shrek on the way to grandma's house (both of them) and a handmade rocking horse that my dad made. I hope you all enjoy the pics.

Gingerbread Houses

House #1
House #2

To celebrate Christmas and all of the many traditions, we made gingerbread houses. And when I say we, I actually mean Cam and Tracy. I was too busy making other things but we all hung out and watched as they competed to make the best gingerbread house. You decide who made the better one. I am not going to match a name to the house but I will post them with numbers so you vote...who had the better house?