Sunday, January 10, 2010


This Christmas was just like any other Christmas, with the exception of my brother Blake not being here and Aiden being one year older. That meant Aiden was actually excited for his toys this year, unlike last year where he was too young to really understand the concept. It also meant that Blake wasn't there, which in turn meant, we were one man short for Settler's. Aiden woke up way too early, naturally, because that is what he does at my Mom's. So he stayed in another room until us adults were ready to wake up. When we finally did and showed Aiden all the toys and presents he ran out of the room screaming. I think the giant monkey scared him...just a little. He quickly got over it though, tore the monkey out of the fire engine and proceeded to get into the fire engine, where he remained for the rest of the morning. Picture
with the fire engine. Picture with the fire engine. Breakfast and the fire engine. He loves that thing. Even still. He rides all around the house in it. We also had the opportunity to visit many family members. Visited with my Dad and Roberta and her son Cody and his wife Ashley and their son Spencer. We also drove to Grand Junction to visit my family there. I love Christmas...the only thing missing was my brother. Hopefully next year will be a different story.