Friday, November 7, 2008

Historical Moment!

No matter your political affiliation- Democrat, Republican, Independent- You cannot deny that this election has been an historical moment for our country. It excites me to know that someday when Aiden is older he will learn in his history class that Barack Obama was America's first african-american President. It also brings me joy to know that as a country we have come a long way and have made a giant step, I believe, in the right direction for mankind.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Aiden the day after Halloween playing with the candy.
Doesn't he look happy?

I was surprised that Aiden didn't have a freak out when
I put his costume on. We tried it earlier this month and he
was not having it.

I took him outside and he was fine. He played in
the dirt and leaves.

I love this picture. I was having a hard time getting
him to pay attention so I wasn't actually looking
through the lens on this one.

We hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloween
this year. We had friends and family over last night.
It was a good time.