Saturday, October 17, 2009

Haunted Hallow

The last time I ventured into a haunted house of any sorts I was in high school. Knowing that, you can imagine that experience was not the best one for me. I was with two of my friends and we screamed so much and so loud that my throat hurt for a week. I was seriously traumatized. When my teammates suggested we all go to the haunted hallow I was not thrilled but I thought that maybe since it's been 12 years later I might be able to handle it. I actually did okay. There were some parts that made me jump but I mostly laughed and had a really good time. The margaritas before might have helped a little and the fact that Natalie let me hold onto her arm the whole time might have had something to do with it as well. Maybe I will go next year.

Wellness Festival, Jackson Hole, WY.

The trip was suppose to include my grandma, however, due to a family emergency, she was not able to make it. My mom decided she still wanted to go and I was happy for it. I desperately needed some time away and I was excited to spend some time with my mom. The trip up was good. We did run into some snow and it actually snowed most of the time we were there but fortunately we were inside most of the time. The wellness festival was awesome and I learned a lot. I think my mom did too. I felt like they presenters were talking directly to her. We had dinner at a couple of nice restaurants and had breakfast at the Bunnery the morning that we left. Yummmmm. It was a great time.