Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween preparations!

I did the one on the left, Tracy did the one on the right.

Tracy's pumpkin lit up.

Cam on the left, Tracy on the right.

Mine-It is a monster if you can't tell.

Tracy and Jesse. Tracy didn't want her picture taken so she looked down.

The front of the house. Looks good Huh! Huh!

Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. We decided to have some fun and decorate outside the house this year. I think it turned out well. We also did some pumpkin carving with Tracy and Cam this past weekend. I think mine is the best but I am a bit biased. I was the only one who tried using a stencil. Halloween is friday and we are having some friends over. I will post some more pics of Aiden in his costume this weekend but for now here are some pictures of the house and our pumpkins.


Jesse and Aiden going down the slide together.
Aiden walking!

Jesse and Aiden playing on the toys.

Jesse and Aident looking at the ducks.

Aiden playing in the sand.

It has been very warm this October which surprises me since it snowed in September. We decided to go to the park one evening now that Aiden is walking. He had a hard time with the shoes but he got the hang of it.