Monday, February 15, 2010

Valenitne's Day Weekend

The weekend started off with picking my brother Blake up from the Airport. He finished his Master's program in Germany and has come home (to the states) for good. It was so good to see him and good to have him home. I have missed him terribly and feel whole again just knowing he is back home. We went to dinner at the Bayou, waited 30 minutes and had crappy service but the beer and food was still good, as it always is.
Aiden got some new cars and some candy for Valintine's Day. He didn't waste time eating the candy. It was candy and chocolate for breakfast. Not the healthiest but what are you gonna do? He enjoyed every minute of it. He also got a cow that poops candy. Once he figured it out he looks at the toy and then looks at me and says, "it poops!" We also made Valentine cookies and shared them with friends and family.
It is now Monday morning and the weekend is settleing down. My mom and brother are getting ready to leave and Aiden is running around the house like a crazy caveman, as usual. I hope everyone had a good weekend too.