Friday, November 7, 2008

Historical Moment!

No matter your political affiliation- Democrat, Republican, Independent- You cannot deny that this election has been an historical moment for our country. It excites me to know that someday when Aiden is older he will learn in his history class that Barack Obama was America's first african-american President. It also brings me joy to know that as a country we have come a long way and have made a giant step, I believe, in the right direction for mankind.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Aiden the day after Halloween playing with the candy.
Doesn't he look happy?

I was surprised that Aiden didn't have a freak out when
I put his costume on. We tried it earlier this month and he
was not having it.

I took him outside and he was fine. He played in
the dirt and leaves.

I love this picture. I was having a hard time getting
him to pay attention so I wasn't actually looking
through the lens on this one.

We hope that everyone had a fun and safe Halloween
this year. We had friends and family over last night.
It was a good time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween preparations!

I did the one on the left, Tracy did the one on the right.

Tracy's pumpkin lit up.

Cam on the left, Tracy on the right.

Mine-It is a monster if you can't tell.

Tracy and Jesse. Tracy didn't want her picture taken so she looked down.

The front of the house. Looks good Huh! Huh!

Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays. We decided to have some fun and decorate outside the house this year. I think it turned out well. We also did some pumpkin carving with Tracy and Cam this past weekend. I think mine is the best but I am a bit biased. I was the only one who tried using a stencil. Halloween is friday and we are having some friends over. I will post some more pics of Aiden in his costume this weekend but for now here are some pictures of the house and our pumpkins.


Jesse and Aiden going down the slide together.
Aiden walking!

Jesse and Aiden playing on the toys.

Jesse and Aident looking at the ducks.

Aiden playing in the sand.

It has been very warm this October which surprises me since it snowed in September. We decided to go to the park one evening now that Aiden is walking. He had a hard time with the shoes but he got the hang of it.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Making Beer and Growing Vegetables

I am very proud of our family. This year we planted a garden and we are seeing quite a bit of vegetables growing. It is so exciting to go out everyday and see all the vegetables bigger and ripe. Some of the vegetables in the pictures are also from my mom's garden.

Jesse also got a beer making kit for father's day (yes, father's day) and is now starting to use it. He was a little nervous to start, thinking he would mess it up but he got up the courage and started it today. He is very excited.

Jack Johnson

We actually went to the Jack Johnson concert in August but I have the pictures so I figured I would post something about it. We went with Cam and Tracy and had a great time.


Tonight after work I took Aiden out in the garden and let him roam around while I watered and picked some vegetables. He had a blast playing in the dirt and mud. He is also learning to walk so there are a few photos with him walking- yeah!

Flat Tire

This past weekend was an interesting one for me. I planned a Silpada party in Vail, Colorado with my one of my best friend's sister. Chari and I were excited to go and get away for a weekend without children, husbands or boyfriends. So we left on Friday, drove to Grand Junction and spent the night with my grandparents. On Saturday we drove to Vail and had a good time with her family and finally on Sunday we had the party and drove home- well that was the plan. We left Vail, or Edwards, which is right outside of Vail, at 3:00 pm. About 30 miles outside of Grand Junction the car started shaking and I knew immediately that something was wrong. Chari and I looked at each other and she said, "maybe it is just the road?" But as I slowed down it got worse- much worse. So I pulled over and we got out of the car. Sure enough, there was a flat, smoking tire. Shit! I looked at Chari and asked her if she had ever changed a tire? Nope! was her reply. Great! Neither had I. Shouldn't this be something they teach in Driver's Education classes? I was really wishing that had been the case for me. We looked around and nobody seemed to be stopping to help. I opened the trunk and got the necessary tools that one needs to change a tire and started working. Got the jack in its proper position and started cranking. Chari helped with the lug nuts and we both somehow got the shredded tire off and the spare tire on. Woohoo! We did it all by our damn selves! We were very proud. You think the story ends here but does not.
We pulled into Grand Junction safe and sound but hoped to find a service station to get the tire fixed and back on the road. So we pulled into a gas station and asked the clerk of any place. No- nope all of the tire stations were closed on Sunday's. Chari got a phone book anyway and found out that Wal-mart was still open. Only open until 6:00 and it was about 5:15 at the time. We hopped back in the car and headed to Wal-mart as quickly as possible. We pulled in the parking lot at 5:30 and asked the lady to help. "No, it is too late," she said. "We leave in 20 minutes." She was not on my good side and I was not liking her very much. All I wanted was a new tire. It didn't happen. They were mysteriously out of the size of tire that we needed.
Instead of driving home on the spare we stayed the night with my grandparents again, hit the big-o tires in the morning and made it home on Monday around 3:30 pm. And that is all I have to say about that!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


On Saturday, August 23, 2008, Jesse, Aiden and I drove up to Snowbird for their Oktoberfest celebration. Now, if you are like me and are thinking that it is only August, and how can it be Oktoberfest? Then, just like me- you are mistaken. I asked this question to Jesse before we left and Jesse, in his infinate wisdom told me that Oktoberfest was actually celebrated in August and September. Anyway, we took the journey up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird. We ate bratwurst and potato pancakes and of course drank some really good beer. We also took the Tram ride to the top of the mountain and enjoyed the amazing views and I think Aiden really enjoyed that.

**Jesse has given me an update. He does not know if it is in October BUT it is in August and September in Utah because of the climate here.

**Blake and Anna, if you are reading- we thought of you.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Aiden's First Birthday!

Starting out- getting the feel.

A little messy...

A little more messy...

A lot messy...


The Radio Flyer Retro Rocket.

This is Aiden's cake (not sure why the picture is rotated, sorry...)

This is the cake I made for everyone at the party!

Oh boy did we have a great time! Aiden had a monkey birthday party for his first birthday and we had a ball. The weekend was pretty exciting. I started on Thursday after work and didn't stop until Saturday night after the party was over. I made two monkey cakes- one for Aiden to eat and play in and one for everyone else. Watching Aiden eat his cake was hysterical. He wasn't sure what to do at first but once he tasted that frosting he was in it and eating it like crazy. About 5 minutes into it he got an itch on his face and rubbed frosting all over. Uncle Cam got involved and helped him out a little. I think he might of enjoyed it a little more than Aiden but who knows. He got some fun toys- mostly stuff that moves. Jesse and I got him the radio flyer rocket. He's not sure what that is about just yet but I am sure he will figure that one out too.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Guess What this is!

If you can guess what this is- you win a prize!

This post is for Tracy, may you find a smile on your face.

Settler's of Catan

A picture of the game, this is mostly for Blake
so that he can feel nostalgic.

Cam reading the rules.

So the story goes; Telisse brought Settlers of Catan to our house over Christmas break and none of us really wanted to play, however, Telisse talked us into it and we all ended up playing this game the entire time we were in Price. Since then it has seriously been a weekly thing. We started out with just the Settlers of Catan and expanded to Seafarers and then to Cities and Knights. This past month a new expansion came out called Traders and Barbarians ( I know you are really jealous, huh Blake?) So we tested it out this past weekend and loved it. We sit around the table making jokes about ourselves and how we are nerds because we like this game so much. In fact, I get teased at work all of the time because we play this game so much. Tracy always jokes that she is going to make t-shirts with silly sayings on them. (ro-add, got any sheep?) I know you are thinking- oh yes, they are a bunch of nerds. That is okay, we have accepted it. We will never stop playing. Love ya Blaker- we miss the brutal competitiveness in you.

Dad's BBQ

Cody, Ashley, and Spencer

Aiden on top of his box! All mine!

Aiden and Spencer. Wonder what Aiden is thinking?
He does not look too happy.

This past weekend we spent the weekend in Price. We were happy to spend some time with my dad, Roberta, Cody, Ashley, Spencer, Jacob and Rachel. We had dinner, played some "A" train dominos (Blake knows what that means) and celebrated Jacob's 17th birthday. Aiden also got a few birthday presents which was fun for him and also got to play with his cousin Spencer. I must say though, that there was a little bit of rivalry going on. Kinda funny. Aiden was playing with his new toy and Spencer wanted to join in on the fun. Aiden didn't like the idea so he climbed up on top of the box and sat there. I think he was marking his territory or something like that.