Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Aiden loved the bubbles!

Aiden and Riley

Just like every other year for Easter we spent the holiday in Price at my Mom's. She has an annual Easter Egg Hunt and all of the kids gather for their money and treats. The adults gather too but mostly for the food. I made my yummy carrot cake and it did not last 30 minutes. My mom didn't even get a piece.

This was Aiden's 2nd Easter and he was pretty excited with all of the goodies that he got. He also got to play with his two cousins from Colorado. He liked it so much that he was trying to keep up and fell head first into a rock. At first he had a dent in his head and then it popped out into a goose egg. He was not a happy camper after that- but who could blame him. I felt so bad and we ended up leaving a little early. But we did have a good time and loved seeing all of the family.