Saturday, March 21, 2009


I made this cake for a girl that I work with. She is having a baby so we threw her a baby shower and I made the cake. In case you were wondering it was a jungle theme.

I made this cake for my brother Cameron's 22nd birthday. He like legos in case you didn't get it.

Any one who knows me, knows that I am a little creative. If there is something that I can do that shows my creative side than I am doing it. The last couple of weeks I have made a few cakes that I have loved and thought I would share them. I hope you enjoy.

The Shirt from Germany

The shirt that Aiden is wearing in this picture was a gift for his 1st (yes, really) birthday. He is so weird about certain clothing that I can never get him to wear so I thought I better get it on him and take some pictures before he grows out of it. It is so cute and I am told that children in Germany wear them all the time. Thank you Uncle Blake and Anna for being so thoughtful.

Spring is in the Air!

Uncle Cam jumping off the swing. Boys will always be boys.

While visiting family in Price, we all took a trip to the park to enjoy the sunshine and warmth. I love the beginning of Spring and all the fresh smells that it brings with it. This particular day was quit enjoyable. Aiden had so much fun on the toys and I think had more fun exploring around the toys. He is quit the little investigator, always interested in how things work. He is like his Uncle Cam and Uncle Blake when it comes to things like that.